How to Destroy Frustrating Plateaus and TRASH Boring and Outdated Interval Training Using the Power of “Metabolic Stacking” Finishers

OK, I’m Interested. Can You Please Show Me in 48,557 Words or More with a Bunch of Hype and Climatic Build-up on How I’ll Mysteriously Lose 12 Pounds This Week?

Just kidding. I’ll get right to the point. My name is Mike Whitfield and I used to be fat...

... as in OVER 300 pounds. I’ve lost 115 pounds and have kept it off for over a decade now. Here’s a before & after photo for two reasons:


I'm proud. This was hard work! 


To inspire you to quit wasting your time on some secret diet or "underground" trick.

Screenshot 2016-07-21 13.01.02

Now I know what you might be thinking....

“Here comes a reeeeeaaaally long ‘sales letter” on why I’m not losing weight because I’m not doing this one secret hormone fix or some underground exercise or I’m not eating a super-duper-wuper-duper-superfood. Blah, blah, BLAH."

So here is what I’m going to do...

1You'll see exactly what I did to lose 14 inches in my waist alone and 115 pounds plus KEEP IT OFF for over 13 years

No long, dramatic story about how I stumbled on some miracle superfood or exercise trick, either. You’ll see what I did in just a few bullets that you can start applying today.

You’ll see what “metabolic stacking” is and whytwo it’s so powerful using proven science and studies. Then...


You’ll see why “Do this exercise program and lose 3weight” products don’t work and what I’m doing to change that so you’ll avoid plateaus and lose fat without EVER being overwhelmed.

Sound good? Awesome.

Oh yeah and also? – I promise NO hype.

You see, there’s a hidden advantage to how I structure finishers.

With traditional high intensity interval training, you’re only using a fragment of your body’s full potential to burn fat.  

In fact the science you’ll discover today isn’t complicated, either. It will make sense unlike the other so-called “studies” that manipulate men and women into buying their supplements and fad exercise gadgets and programs.

Fact: Traditional High Intensity Interval Training only works a fraction of your body, leaving the potential to burn so much more on the table.

Why Traditional HIIT is Keeping You From Burning
Fat Once You Reach Age 30+

When you use traditional machines such as treadmills, spin bikes or even ellipticals with interval training such as going hard for 30 seconds and easy for 1 minute, you burn fat.

Duh. Right?

Yet, the question you need to ask yourself is this – how many muscles are you using?

And of course you know the more muscle you work, the more calories you burn.

If you think about it – it’s just your legs.

And get this... Interval Training Has Been Lying to Us...

A study conducted at the University of California calculated calories burned during exercise using popular interval methods like 30 seconds fast and 30 seconds easy.

They used a combination of data from the user’s height, weight and body fat, and then measured the EXACT calories being burned with the latest technology.

Here were the results...


Treadmills overestimated calories burned by 13%...

stair climber

Stairclimbers overestimated calories burned by 12%...

young woman sitting on an exercise bike

Bikes overestimated calories burned by 7 %...

elliptical exercise

Ellipticals were the WORST, overestimating calories burned by 28%!...

frustrated-manNo wonder that 92% of men and women don’t reach their weight loss goals. It’s also no surprise that people you see at the gym look the same no matter if they have been going for weeks or even years.

What if you had over 100 exercises at your fingertips?

And these exercises worked your muscles in unique way so that you not only get the “Afterburn” (your body’s ability to burn fat for 48 hours AFTER exercise) of high intensity interval training, but also create eye-popping definition...

... all while crushing plateaus and naturally melt fat without any stimulants or dangerous diets?

In a nutshell...

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) = Good Results

Metabolic Stacking HIIT = INCREDIBLE Results

By combining faster tempo reps and unique set and rep schemes, your body has to work extra hard to recover and come back to a normal state.

In order for your body to recover, it burns calories. That’s a good thing. So while you’re watching an episode of “Friends” (the one where Ross and Rachel are having issues), you’re burning fat.

Are these exercises a “secret”? NOPE.

It’s not the exercises at all... it’s the set and rep scheme as well as the tempo that makes them work.

You might be wondering, how did I come up with this?

How Metabolic Stacking Was Born

I didn’t invent metabolic finishers. However, I did invent “metabolic stacking” to make finishers even better.

I’ve presented on finishers at different Fitness Events all over the country.Screenshot 2016-07-22 15.31.11

My desire since stumbling on finishers was to make them better, different and even shorter. In fact, a 20-minute finisher is not a finisher. That’s just interval training disguised as a finisher. However, a 3-minute metabolic circuit with no rest is...

... and you get better and faster results.

I spent hours creating fresh and unique finishers to deliver the best way to burn fat in the least amount of time while at the same time, creating NEW definition.

Even if you’re using finishers now, you may not be using the full potential finishers have to offer.

In fact, finishers are not the secret to your success. It’s the design of the finisher including set/rep schemes, exercise order and more.

Anyone can swing a kettlebell for 200 reps. That’s good.

But why not make something good even BETTER without sacrificing more time? I’ll show you how...

The Problem with Other Metabolic Finishers and Workouts...

Any program or trainer can you make sweat. Heck, I can walk out to my mailbox here in Georgia on any summer day and come back with my shirt wet, but that doesn’t mean I burned a lot of calories.

Plus, any program can make you super sore. Big deal. I can stick a rake up my bum but that doesn’t mean I had a good glute workout.

girl sleepingAnd if you’re feeling exhausted and drained after any exercise program, what’s the point of exercise? Isn’t exercise supposed to boost your energy?

Yet with the power of “metabolic stacking”, you’ll “feel” like you just completed a solid 45-minute workout, but not exhausted.

The best part? You’ll get BETTER results with metabolic stacking, too.

I’m living proof. This is my vulnerable post I shared on Facebook just a couple of months ago...

New Mike Before and After

For 5 years, I've been sharing this with my fitness family/readers and I thought maybe... just maybe... you'd enjoy it, too. I always take a few minutes to appreciate the journey that brought me here.

It's a good reminder and frankly, it's a celebration.

Not for me, but for you. Because if I can accomplish what I did on this day way back in 2003?...

... Anyone can.

Enjoy and I hope you have an amazing 4th...
It’s a big day... my second Christmas.

July 4th, 2003. The alarm goes off at 5 AM, and I slowly make my way downstairs. 5 AM was early for me back then. Today, it’s sleeping in (I now get up at 4).

I don’t need caffeine quite yet. The adrenaline from how far I had come in six months is enough to wake me up. After all, six months earlier, I was over 300 lbs, wearing 46-inch jeans and XXXL shirts.

At this point, I had lost 75 of the 115 total pounds. I was on a high. I was confident… finally.

I had never ran a race in my life at this point, but somehow, my friends convinced me to sign up for the largest 10K in the world, the Peachtree Road Race.

It was hard to believe I could finish such a feat, because on day one of my journey, I could barely complete one lap around my old high school track. Just being transparent, my one and only lap ended up with tears filling my eyes, wondering if I was capable of doing this.

As I get ready, I look back at all the hard work I had put in. I looked back at the better decisions I made, like choosing water over soda, skipping happy hour with my co-workers so I could focus on my goals, and sticking to a workout routine. I missed my breakfast of Mr. Pibb and a Honeybun at first, but I knew I HAD to make a change.

It was just six months, but I remember the victories, both large and small. I remember the big moment when I was in 40″ size pants.

That means I was close to being out of the 40’s, which was a huge deal.

“Tom! Tom! Dude! I’m in 40″ pants!” is what I practically yelled from the dressing room at JC Penny. Yes, I called my friend Tom from the dressing room.

It had been an amazing ride, and I wasn’t even done yet.
As I arrive in Atlanta with my friends, I could feel the goosebumps. Everyone there had an insane amount of energy and people were already lining up the sidewalk cheering people on as we made our way to the starting line.

Because of my number, I had to go in a different group than my friends. I was nervous, excited and jacked up on adrenaline and caffeine. This was it. This was my big moment. This was my first event in my new life and my first race.

As I made my way through Atlanta, I simply just soaked it all in. I felt like everyone clapping and cheering was just for me. Alas, it was for the random guy handing out beer and donuts, but I still pretended it was for me.

“There was a random guy that handed out beer and donuts at 8 in the morning?”

Yes, there was. Now stay focused.

Before I knew it, I was approaching mile six. Before this race, the most I had ran was about three miles. The adrenaline and happiness of where I was took me to this moment. Mile six was a huge turning point. I could stop running and decide to walk the rest of the race, which was about a quarter mile, or I could run the whole thing.

The decision was made. I was going to finish this thing strong.
I knew it would be tough, but so was my journey so far. It’s supposed to be tough.

The irony was that as I approached the finish line, tears filled my eyes yet again. In January, the tears were filled with doubt, fear and frustrations. This time, they were packed full of confidence and victory. It was like all of my past frustrations and doubt were finally being released.

July 4th, 2003 – that was one of the biggest days of my life. It was a big turning point because that day taught me, “Anything is possible”.
So here I am now, 115 lbs lighter and getting ready for yet another Peachtree Road Race.

Honestly, July 3rd is like my second Christmas Eve. I’m like a nerd laying out my clothes the night before.

So, how did I do it? How did I get here? It comes down to four things...

1. Surround yourself with family and friends for social support. If someone drags you down, cut them loose.

2. Celebrate each and every victory – whether it’s large or small. Did you avoid eating a piece of cake? Tell your friends and brag. It’s OK, and you should.

3. Set deadlines. I promised the world that I would drop 50 lbs by July 1st. I dropped 75 at that point and you know what? I BRAGGED about it. It's hard work, that's why!

4. Understand it’s going to be hard. I knew I would have to make sacrifices along the way. Whoever tells you that you can lose weight effortlessly is blowing smoke.

Sure, there’s more to it than that. But this should be your foundation.
So figure out what exactly will be your "Peachtree".

Pick your “big day” and go after it relentlessly.

To achieving YOUR big day,
Mikey Whitfield, Master CTT

So now the question is, how did I do it? Was it a secret? Was it an underground diet that you don't know about? No. I don't like that game. Here you go...

The Simple “Template” You Can Use That Helped Me Melt 115 Pounds and 14 Inches Off My Waist and KEEP It Off...

Mike pancakeFind a Way to Have More Wiggle Room in Your Diet

I ate well 70% of the time (not like the traditional “90%” that most fitness experts recommend.

Sorry, I like pancakes too much and desired more wiggle room in my diet. I like to eat my favorite foods all weekend long and metabolic stacking lets me do that.)

waterDrink More of This to Burn Fat Easier (and It's Super Cheap)

I drank A LOT of water (it’s close to being a “magic pill” to losing weight – try this trick).

Water helps with digestion, helps carry out toxins from your system and more. 

Aim for 70 to 100 ounces a day. 

Mike exerciseFree Yourself from Cardio Prison and Do This Instead

I exercise two to four days a week using metabolic stacking.

You’ll be able to give up cardio forever when you see the power of metabolic stacking and your body won't feel so beat up.

The best part? It takes as little as 3 minutes thanks to "stacking" density, recovery and intensity. 

So now the question is...

How Can YOU Rapidly Lose Fat Using
Metabolic Stacking Finishers?

The good news is metabolic stacking is simple. The bad news? It’s simple.

Let me explain.

Metabolic stacking can be used in two different ways:

Screenshot 2016-07-25 10.32.31#1 - You Can Use Metabolic Stacking with YOUR Exercise Program

Simply rest for 1-2 minutes after your main workout, and then plug a metabolic stack at the end.

Most people tend to mindlessly walk or run on the treadmill after their workout for either “cardio” or HIIT for 20-40 minutes.

You won’t ever have to do that again. See the proof yourself...

Just one study from the journal “Metabolism” followed participants for 20 weeks. One group did long endurance training while the other group did shorter, more intense exercise found in metabolic stacking.

Get this - the metabolic stacking group lost 9 times more fat than the endurance group...

PLUS, the metabolic stacking group had a post-caloric burn 450% greater than the traditional exercise group...

... all while exercising LESS.

If you’re using metabolic stacking finishers with your existing program, stick with 2 finishers a week for 2 weeks, then follow that with 3 per week.

#2 - You Can Use Metabolic Stacking as Your Only Exercise
(Here's the Trick)

The secret to metabolic stacking being used as your only exercise program is not some underground exercise trick.

It’s more frequent, but shorter bouts of exercise.

Here’s how it works.Screenshot 2016-07-25 10.46.02

5 days a week, do a metabolic stack.

Yep, that’s it.

It may sound too simple to be true, but here is why it works...

Research published in the Journal of Obesity reported that 12 weeks of shorter, more frequent exercise will result in significant reductions in belly fat... as in 17%!

Putting this in perspective, let’s say you weigh 200 pounds.

Even without changing your diet, that means 34 pounds of fat loss over the 12 weeks.

So the best way to use metabolic stacking would be to do ONE per day, 5 days a week instead of doing 2 or more back to back 2-3 days a week.

The way I like to do it? Weekends off 🙂 But that is your call and what works for you.

Remember though – you want to give your body a new “stimulus”.

To make metabolic stacks even MORE powerful is to stack the stacks 🙂

That means use a different approach with every finisher day to day. For example...


Monday >> Density Circuit

Screenshot 2016-07-25 11.56.42This is when you do as many rounds in the time given or as many reps of certain exercises in the shortest amount of time.

The secret sauce – use “odd” set and rep schemes. In fact, one of the most popular finishers based on my guinea pigs was “The Big Switch.” It uses a set and rep scheme I guarantee you've never seen and it's why your body burns so much fat trying to adapt to it. 

Tuesday >> Metabolic Circuit

Screenshot 2016-07-25 12.03.21This is a full body circuit that recruit a lot of muscle for the max calorie burn.

The secret sauce - use a variety of faster tempos and exercise techniques. This not only boosts your metabolism, but forces your body to dig deep into the most stubborn fat like your lower belly for fuel to recover. 

Wednesday >> Gauntlet

Screenshot 2016-07-25 12.14.21This is when an explosive exercise is used as the “gauntlet”, meaning you’ll do it more than once in a circuit.

They are deceptively tough, but the caloric-burn is through the roof.

The secret sauce - use sparingly and have a recovery exercise in place, "tricking" your body into thinking it's doing intervals. 

Thursday >> Ladder

Screenshot 2016-07-25 12.21.52This is when you do a superset or circuit with 1 more or 1 less rep with every round.

For example, your first circuit would be 8 reps. Your next circuit would be 7 reps, etc., etc.

The secret sauce – use a combination of recovery exercises and demanding metabolic moves.

Friday >> Superset 

Screenshot 2016-07-25 13.08.23Going from a ladder to a superset finisher is a nice change and stimulates your metabolism in a completely different way.

Using only 2 exercises, you’ll burn fat while getting in more reps with creates eye-popping definition in your legs, shoulders, arms and abs.

The list goes on and on, too. There are upper body finishers, lower body finishers and more.

That’s why and how it works. The change-up and structure of each stack.

Speaking of which... will it work for you? Here are just a few people who have used my finishers using the power of metabolic stacking...

"3 weeks and I'm forever changed by your finishers" - Cassye

cassye“I hate cardio and always have. I slogged on with it because I thought that was what I had to do. I’m only 3 weeks in, but using your finishers I can see and feel a difference already. I have more mass and definition, AND I’m stronger. I am no longer spinning my wheels. And I’m having FUN! “

"I got ready for a race without cardio" - Beau Morgan
Beau Morgan

Already lean, Irene dropped 2 pounds in 1 week by plugging in 3-minute finishers

John found his 6-pack abs by using
metabolic stacking finishers

John before and after

Replace "cardio" in 10 minutes or less
Shawna finishers

Jane finishers

Finishers 1

Plus, I was asked to contribute to the Men's Health Big Book of Getting Abs because of the way I design finishers...

Screenshot 2016-07-26 14.50.55


Instead of Overwhelming You with a Ridiculous Amount of Bonuses That Will Just Sit on Your Computer, Let’s Do Something Different...

“Just tell me what to do and when. I’m overwhelmed with all the info.”

That was a statement repeated over and over again in a recent survey I sent out.

So we’re going to do something about it.

I’ve not only put together 40 of the best metabolic finisher stacks, but I’ve laid them out for you with what finishers to do on what days for the BEST and FASTEST results in 8 weeks.

It is laid out, step-by-step like this:

I’ve not only put together 40 of the best metabolic finisher stacks, but I’ve laid them out for you with what finishers to do on what days for the BEST and FASTEST results in 8 weeks.

Week 1

Day 1 – Finisher 1Screenshot 2016-07-25 14.23.02

Day 2 – Finisher 2

Day 3 – Finisher 3

Day 4 – Finisher 4

Day 5 – Finisher 5

Days 6 & 7 – Off

You can do the 5 finishers on any days you wish, but most people want the weekends off.

Then you start with 5 more brand NEW finishers and continue with this for 8 weeks. 

That’s pretty cool, but it gets better...

EVERY metabolic stacking finisher is “follow-along” style.

follow along style

Every video is mobile friendly, so you can watch them on-the-go. You can even download them to watch later.

You’ll see my best coaching cues to get the most fat-burning from every rep while offering exercise substitutions if you don’t have equipment or need an easier exercise.

So that’s 8 weeks of follow-along metabolic stacking finishers.

Plus, I’ve worked with my tech team to really help you stay consistent.

As you know, consistency is the KING to achieving ANY goal. Here’s what we’ve done...

We're giving you the FREE option to also have your follow-along metabolic stack of the day will be emailed to you over the next 8 weeks. That’s right.

accountableDay 1 – you get emailed your metabolic stack of the day

Day 2 – you get emailed your metabolic stack of the day

You get the idea. You'll get 2 days off every week and the other days, we'll "spoon feed" your metabolic stack. 

It's like having a personal coach "harping" you to get it done, which is what we all need.

And yes, we're giving you BOTH.

Screenshot 2016-07-26 07.47.39

You’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to all 40 finishers in an easy-to-follow guide with exercise photos and descriptions PLUS an easy “tell me what to do on what days” email reminder with the metabolic stack and follow-along video sent directly to you 5 days a week over the next 8 weeks.

Yep, I kept it simple.Screenshot 2016-07-26 08.23.22

Speaking of simple, I also didn’t want to waste your time. You’ve read this far and perhaps you’re excited about the changes in your body over the next 8 weeks.

I’d hate for you to think, “OK, this is a really simple idea that can help me shed 16 – 20 pounds over the next 8 weeks as long as I’m willing to work for it. With follow-along videos and the technology behind it all to send it to me day-to-day, this must be a fortune”.

No climatic build-up with a bunch of high prices marked out, either. I don’t want to play that game and I think you’ve seen it enough.

So here you go... $15.

What’s the catch?

There is just one. And no, it’s not some kind of secret monthly membership program you’re committed to. It IS just a ONE-TIME investment.

All I ask is after you see the incredible value of this program is that you keep me in mind when I come out with new programs.

After all, I’m the real deal:

Screenshot 2016-07-26 12.47.00

And remember, you’re protected by our 100% money-back guarantee for a full 60 days. We’ll refund every single penny if you’re not satisfied with the Metabolic Stacking Finishers program.

Guarantee #1 – Guaranteed and VISIBLE Results

You’ve seen this work. Just follow the system as I’ve outlined for you. You WILL see a VISIBLE difference in the mirror and in your clothes in as little as 7 days, depending on YOUR work ethic. 

Guarantee #2 – The Best LIFETIME Customer Support

Our friendly customer support team are always ready to give you answers to your questions  including myself! I have personally answered questions in our Facebook community and through email to ensure your success.

Guarantee #3 – High Quality Assurance

I put every detail into this system, including the science behind the design of what finishers to do on what days. It is laid out for you, step-by-step (not to mention your free optional email reminder). If you’re not BLOWN AWAY at the quality of the program, I simply don’t want your investment.

If this simple program doesn’t deliver what you’re looking for, all you have to do is shoot an email to our team at and you’ll get a FULL refund with no hassles or questions asked.

To Recap, These Are the Kind of Results You Can Expect from Using Any of These 40 Metabolic Stacking Finishers...


  • The Journal "Metabolism" showed you that you'll experience a 450% boost in calories burned using metabolic stacks
  • The Journal "Obesity" showed you that you'll lose 17% more body fat using metabolic stacking VS traditional HIIT methods
  • Using strategic variety of intense and recovery exercises, you'll flood your body with adrenaline, which forces your body to burn a lot of calories in order to return to normal

To Recap What You Get with
The 40 Metabolic Stacking Finishers System... 

Screenshot 2016-07-26 07.47.39

follow along style

  • 40 Metabolic Stacking Finishers you can use with your exercise program for faster fat loss or a stand-alone program to do the minimum exercise for consistent weekly fat loss
  • 40 follow-along videos you can watch on your Ipad, tablet, phone or computer
  • Every new finisher is laid out in a strategic sequence for 8 weeks to prevent boredom and overuse injuries
  • FREE upgrade to a "Coach Me" premium account where you'll get instant access to all 40 finishers, but also sent an email 5 days a week from me with your metabolic stack of the day, along with the follow-along video for 8 weeks

Screenshot 2016-07-26 07.47.39

buy now button

I’ve used these finishers with thousands of men and women, including Transformation Contest Winners who have won thousands of dollars.

It’s simple. It’s doable. That’s your “secret”.

To your success,
Screenshot 2016-07-26 14.42.58


PS – This “done-for-you” metabolic stacking finishers system is ready to surprise your body with a metabolism boost you’ve never seen. Over 100 exercises strategically set up to prime your body for fat-burning is what you need.

PPS – Remember, there is no risk. If your energy doesn’t go through the roof and your clothes don’t feel looser or even if you don’t get the EXACT results you were hoping for with this program within a full 60 days, I’ll let you KEEP the entire program and STILL give you back every penny.

Screenshot 2016-07-26 07.47.39

buy now button





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